QuickLink Interface Tutorials - Connecting to 2.0

August 12, 2015 Charity Newsome

Create and Map

Elemica’s QuickLink Network platform brings the Supply Chain to your enterprise, automating communications across customers, suppliers and logistics service providers in a highly reliable, efficient, and secure way. Once connected to QuickLink, key supply chain business processes are powered by Elemica’s suite of SmartLink Applications.

Chapter 1 - Overview of Connection Manager

Elemica’s Supply Chain Operating Network platform makes it quick and easy for our Professional Services personnel to create connections between you and your trading partners through us.


Chapter 2 - Create a Connection Let’s see how efficiently a member of Elemica’s Professional Services team is able to create a trading partner connection.       



Chapter 3 - Test a Connection After creating a connection on Elemica’s Supply Chain Operating Network, we can use the connection manager to quickly test if messages will be delivered successfully.



Chapter 4 - Map Setup The home screen displays a list of partners already configured, the message types sent and received, and the corresponding message schema and editing capabilities.



Chapter 5 - Message Type Mapping In this scenario, a pre-built IDOC function library was chosen to map a company’s order to their trading partner on Elemica’s Supply Chain Operating Network.

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