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October 6, 2015 Charity Newsome

EU Ignite2015 Keynote Speaker Has More to Say 

Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President of ARC Advisory Group, recently presented at our Ignite2015 conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. He then went on to write about his presentation in further detail on Logistics Viewpoints website.

Here is a sample of what he had to say:

In my keynote, I stressed that Smart Manufacturing initiative around the world, are all inspired by research that indicates that manufacturing growth, competitiveness and resilience are directly correlated with high technology intensity and manufacturing complexity as well as quality.  These three key factors can be improved and maintained by investment in product, process and productivity innovation.  The smart manufacturing initiatives around the world (for example Industrie 4.0  Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (US), or Horizon 2020 (EU)) all aim to impact these factors and create growth from manufacturing innovation.

To create some clarity, we decompose smart manufacturing in advanced manufacturing (such as modular production technology, additive manufacturing, nano technology or biotechnology) and smart manufacturing technologies.  Among the latter industrial IoT (Internet of Things) has obtained a lot of...

Read Valentijn's full post here.

Watch the Ignite2015 EU presentations here.



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