7 Tips to Begin Your B2B Video Marketing Journey

May 2, 2016 Ed Rusch

Explosion of Technology, Access and Capabilities Changing the Game

Streaming video on-line is expanding at light speed. The facts tell a powerful story. According to a market study by Invodo, a leader in visual commerce technology, 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video and nearly 100 million smartphone users now watch videos on their device monthly. It's clear consumers of content continue to gravitate to multimedia as a way of absorbing new information, seeing how a story unfolds, learning how something works, and more.

Ramping up a video marketing strategy is becoming friction free and is being driven by several drivers. Key ones include:

     Technology is enabling everyday people do to high quality production.

     Hundreds of channels exist today to bypass traditional media gatekeepers.

     The minimum requirements to get started are very small.

Many leading B2B companies see the value of video marketing and have successfully deployed content in order to explain, engage, and enlighten their customers. If your company is not positioned to fully leverage video as a key component in your content marketing strategy - or you're struggling to get past a few early attempts - I've put together these "7 Tips" to help you get to the next level.

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7 Tips to Begin Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy
7 Tips to Begin Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

Need a new B2B Marketing Strategy? Keep your viewers engaged using these 7 tips!

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