Elemica Featured on Predictive Analytics Times

May 4, 2016 Katie McGinn

Gary Neights, Elemica's Director of Product Management, Interviewed

In anticipation of his upcoming Predictive Analytics World for Manufacturing conference presentation, Analytics in Manufacturing Supply Chains – Predicting Behavior In Chemical Industry Supply Chains, Gary is asked for his input on the topic. A sample response can be seen below.  

Product-by-product and plant-by-plant, predictions can lead to information overload and indecision. Supply chain decisions have financial impact and need to be taken in near real-time. For example, if rail cars to a manufacturing site are predicted to be late. Do I dispatch trucks as a rush shipments… or dip into safety stock? If trucks, how many?  Over the long-term data may be analyzed systematically and accounted for during periodic planning cycles or contract renegotiations.

Click here to access the full interview.

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