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  • Elemica Customer Management Solution

    Elemica Customer Management Solution

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  • QuickLink Email

    QuickLink Email

    For your customers, QuickLink Email is transparent, and they do not have to change their process at all. In fact, customers prefer sending their orders to you through QuickLink Email because they...

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  • QuickLink Network Process Management

    QuickLink Network Process Management

    You can’t control what you can’t see. Executives, supply chain business leaders, and eCommerce specialists require visibility and control over their extended supply chains. This can range from...

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  • QuickLink Network Partner Engagement

    QuickLink Network Partner Engagement

    Our B2B Social Collaboration resources help you conduct better commerce with partners already on the network and engage new partners you want bring into your...

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  • QuickLink Network Integration Accelerator

    QuickLink Network Integration Accelerator

    Elemica’s QuickLink Network is a ‘Come As You Are’ platform. Utilizing leading edge technology and resources, Elemica automates the translation and transport of your data in order to...

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  • QuickLink Network Overview

    QuickLink Network Overview

    Elemica’s QuickLink Network platform brings the Supply Chain to your enterprise, automating communications across customers, suppliers and logistics service providers in a highly...

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  • TransLink Logistics Management Overview

    TransLink Logistics Management Overview

    Elemica’s TransLink Logistics Management Suite provides a mechanism for collaborating with your Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) in the manner most efficient for all parties. We have identified...

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  • Vendor Managed Inventory

    Vendor Managed Inventory

    Elemica’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution receives inventory, forecast. Elemica’s VMI Solution utilizes exception-based alerting to proactively manage the process–enabling you to eliminate...

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  • Purchase Order Management

    Purchase Order Management

    Elemica’s Purchase Order Management solution reduces the risk of errors with manually entered orders. No visibility compounds into expensive problems when the product is delayed or missing at the...

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  • Invoice Management

    Invoice Management

    With Elemica Invoice Management, your business realizes reduced costs, decreased cycle times, decreased errors. It also keeps you in compliance with government mandates. We eliminate...

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  • Global Supply Management

    Global Supply Management

    Elemica’s Global Supply Management (GSM) provides automation, visibility, management and analysis for shipments and inventory across global multi-node supply chains. One key component of GSM is...

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  • Delivery Forecast

    Delivery Forecast

    Elemica’s Delivery Forecast (DELFOR) solution is a transaction that combines the order with a forecast. Trading partners usually do not have the necessary systems to accept embedded releases with...

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  • Certificate of Analysis

    Certificate of Analysis

    Elemica’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a manufacturing lot number specific document that is sent by a supplier to convey the characteristics and test results, previously defined between...

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  • Time Slot Booking and Optimization

    Time Slot Booking and Optimization

    Elemica’s Time Slot Booking solution enables shippers and carriers to collaborate in order to streamline the ow of trucks at loading docks and delivery facilities. Our solutions handle all types of...

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  • Terminal and Warehouse Visibility

    Terminal and Warehouse Visibility

    Suppliers often outsource storage functions to Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLs). These partners store materials in a network of terminals and warehouses to maximize...

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  • Road Transport Execution

    Road Transport Execution

    Elemica’s Road Transport Execution solution removes communication and transactional barriers within your current processes. Our solution enables you and your Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s) to...

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  • Ocean Transport Execution

    Ocean Transport Execution

    Elemica’s Ocean Transport Execution solution removes communication and transactional barriers within your current processes. All parties, regardless of company size, location or IT capabilities can...

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  • Freight Invoice Management

    Freight Invoice Management

    Used in conjunction with the Extra Cost Collaboration feature of Elemica’s Road Transport Execution, Freight Invoice Management gives your carriers the ability to include only pre-approved...

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  • Carrier Rate Management

    Carrier Rate Management

    Elemica’s Carrier Rate Management solution provides a platform for maintaining rates from time of award to expiration. Carriers, transportation managers and procurement specialists will be able to...

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  • Vendor Managed Inventory

    Vendor Managed Inventory

    Elemica’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Solution puts you in full command of the fulfillment process. This solution enables you to respond quickly and efficiently to changing customer...

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