QuickLink Interface Tutorials - Partner Discovery

August 12, 2015 Charity Newsome

Find and Expand

Partner Discovery delivers a clear view of who’s on the network and the types of capabilities they can support. For example: Does my supplier process POs and send VAT compliant EU invoices? Discovery will tell you!

Chapter 1 - Search Options Partner Discovery enables you to quickly search across Elemica’s Supply Chain Operating Network in order to initiate new trading partner connections, or expand the value of existing partner connections. 


Chapter 2 - Conducting a Search Using the filter allows you to see which companies in your search results are ones you are connected to versus companies that you are not currently connected. 


Chapter 3 - Search Results The search results provides you further details about a trading partner’s capabilities on the network.



Chapter 4 - Currently Connected Elemica has made it easy for you to quickly see if you have an established connection or not with individual companies on the network.



Chapter 5 - Company Footprints Elemica has made it easy for you to quickly see how robust a company’s connectivity footprint is on the network.



Chapter 6 - Expanding Value from Connections Partner Discovery enables you to quickly expand the business value derived from your established connections with trading partners through Elemica’s Supply Chain Operating Network.

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