Elemica QuickLink Email P2P

December 15, 2017 David Cahn

Business Challenge

Onboarding your supplier network is difficult.  Many companies understand the benefits of automation but only see the business case for high volume suppliers that do an EDI connection.  Most suppliers don’t have the volume to warrant investing in a full connection. 

Some of those suppliers are put on a portal and most continue to do business with emails and faxes with no visibility for Buyers. As a result, a large percentage of orders are not automated.  This is a long tail of lost automation value. 

For these suppliers, the buyer continues to use manual processes, and often has no visibility into whether an order is confirmed, or whether it will be delivered on time or in full. In the world of direct materials, even low volume suppliers are supplying products that can shut down production. This long tail of direct materials adds significant working capital in safety stock when added together.

Business Solution

Imagine integrating suppliers without requiring them to have integration software!

With Elemica QuickLink Email P2P, electronic purchase orders are automatically converted to email and routed to your suppliers. 

Suppliers view orders as they do today, only now they can confirm directly through the email.  Confirmed orders are automatically routed back to the Buyer’s ERP, resulting in:

  • No Costly integrations
  • No on-boarding barriers
  • Ability to scale as needed

Additionally, receive order confirmations from your supplier automatically, ensuring validation of the proper quantity and your requested delivery date. Allowing you to maintain an optimum level of inventory to mitigate your risk exposure.

Key Buyer Benefits

  • Onboard all suppliers cost effectively
  • Completely digitize your buying process
  • Complete integration with your ERP
  • Reduced paper email/faxes
  • Send attachments with purchase orders
  • Eliminate time spent on expedited freight and keep production running

Key Supplier Benefits

Have a light touch solution to support your customer’s automation initiative with a few mouse clicks. For your customers, QuickLink Email P2P is transparent, and requires no changes to your processes today. Customers that prefer sending their orders to you by email can continue through QuickLink Email P2P because they receive back electronic order confirmations letting them know that their order was not lost.

  • Improve communication with your Buying customer
  • No IT costs for integration
  • No training
  • No lost passwords
  • Options to move to a more advanced connection when you are ready







Key Features

Buyer Features

  • Quickly onboards suppliers without impacting IT staffs.
  • Eliminate spending time checking emails as automated confirmations are now integrated into your ERP Solution.
  • Manage the onboarding process using streamline communication

Supplier Features

  • Participate in customer B2B initiatives with little change management
  • Browser and responsive Mobile user experience
  • Print friendly options
  • Order to Invoice capability

The Elemica Supplier Management On-Boarding Solution  

In the world of automation there is no one size fits all.  You now have options for your suppliers to participate.

As a Supplier you have alternative ways to join the Elemica Network based on your level of business with each customer you serve and the volume you provide with them. These options enable you to move to advanced connection modes depending on each customer you serve when you are ready.


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