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June 9, 2016 Katie McGinn

Ed Rusch, Elemica's VP of Marketing, Showcased

A 2015 Accenture study showed that 94% of chemical companies expect to boost their investment in digital capabilities in the next three years to embrace a competitive advantage. In the article titled Using a B2B Network to Improve Efficiencies, Ed talks B2B networks in the Supply Chain space. An excerpt from the full article can be read below...


A snapshot of the printed publication can be seen here!

The reality is that chemical manufacturers can’t expect all their customers, suppliers and logistics providers to collectively adopt a single process. Instead, chemical companies and their trading partners want to conduct business in a network environment that allows easy connectivity without having to change the way they work.

These types of B2B networks are called supply-chain operating networks, and they are real game changers, helping businesses to transform and connect through end-to-end visibility and an ability to scale across an infinite number of partners in an evolving marketplace.

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