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November 9, 2017 David Cahn

Business Challenges

The challenge organizations face today with supply chain visibility is that the relevant information is outside their enterprise. The information and data resides in the systems of suppliers, logistics service providers, and customers across diverse time zones.

It’s Not So Easy Managing the Business Process…

  • Collecting the data across multiple trading partners with disparate systems
  • Correlating the transactions across multiple partners and processes
  • Aggregating and analyzing the information to determine current state
  • Synchronizing and sequencing:
    • Sales Orders and their Confirmations
    • Logistics Booking Requests and their Confirmations
    • Shipment Notices and associated updates
    • Estimated Time of Deliveries with Actual
    • Good Receipts confirmations
    • Invoices payments and freight collections

Solution Overview
Elemica Pulse is an end-to-end supply chain visibility and monitoring solution for enterprise and service provider networks that discovers traditional, physical inventories as well as modern, dynamic inventories in virtual and logical overlays. The solution offers additional capabilities including:

  • Correlate and assemble discrete data into logical business processes
  • Apply business logic to synchronize across the supply chain
  • Leverage industry perspective via machine learning
  • Elemica Reality CheckTM uses Machine Learning to leverage our historical industry wide network data so we can predict future disruptions such as:

  • Open Orders & In-Transit Shipments
  • Shipment On-Time/Late Predictions
  • Multitenancy that offers an easy way to segregate network performance data according to trading partners, roles and access rights.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive supply chain monitoring Broad capabilities to acquire, present and analyze process performance across order-to-cash, procure -to-pay, and inbound and outbound logistics processes.
  • Early detection of issues affecting customer fulfillment & raw material supply
  • Clear visibility outside the 4 walls of the company
  • Lower Working Capital
  • Reduced Stock-Outs
  • Faster Payments
  • Increased Customer Service & Retention

Key Features

  • Quickly discover exceptions and mitigate risks before they occur using predictive intelligence capitalizing on the data in the network for you.
  • Management by exception
  • Analytics based on machine learning algorithms
  • Elemica Pulse combines network data with a flexible business process framework to model and monitor your business network
  • Built for supply chain buyers, suppliers, and logistics carriers with visualizations, workflows and administrations adopted from standard operating procedures



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