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August 2, 2015 Charity Newsome

With the Elemica Logistics Management Solutions, you are in full command with an integrated network that seamlessly connects you to all of your Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) regardless of region, mode or capabilities. Elemica provides a comprehensive view – one point of visibility into your logistics network – giving you immediate access to information and greater management control over LSP performance.   Elemica delivers value via cloud-based solutions through easy implementation via QuickLink Network connectivity options.  Elemica solutions enable you to leverage the benefits of state-of-the-art business process automation.

Elemica's Logistics Management Products:

Logistics Management Overview

      Road Transport Execution

Ocean Transport Execution

Time Slot Booking/Time Slot Optimization

Terminal and Warehouse Visibility

Carrier Rate Management

Freight Invoice Management

Elemica's Logistics Management Suite provides:

     More reliable and efficient transportation scheduling

     Real-time shipment visibility and control

     Lower demurrage and detention costs

     Reduced freight claims and disputes

     Fewer errors and incidents throughout the logistics lifecycle

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