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March 9, 2018 David Cahn

Business Challenge

Onboarding your Logistics Providers is difficult.  Many companies understand the benefits of automating their shipments with their Logistics Providers but only see the business case for high volume Logistics Providers that leverage an EDI type connection.  Most Logistics Providers don’t have the volume to warrant investing in a full connection. 

Therefore, some other Logistics Providers are put on a portal while the remaining continue to do business with emails and faxes with no visibility with the Shipper. As a result, a large percentage of shipments are not automated.  This is a long tail of lost automation value. 

For these Logistics Providers, you the Shipper continues to use manual processes, and often has no visibility into whether the shipment is confirmed by the Logistics Provider, or whether it will be delivered on time or in full. In the world of direct materials, even low volume Logistics Providers are delivering products that can shut down production or satisfy a customer demand. This long tail of direct materials adds significant working capital in safety stock when added together.

Business Solution

QL Email Logistics allows a shipper to send an email to a Logistics Provider who does not have to connected to the Elemica network.

The Logistics Provider receives the email from the Shipper, and the email provides a brief overview of the shipment.

The Logistics Provider clicks the Confirm button in the email to view the shipment overview page where they can accept the shipment or reject the shipment with a reason code. Any shipping instructions may be provided.

The Logistics Provider can enter dates, but it's not required. Clicking the "Expand Details" tab will pull up a list of the product information. Once Accepted, optional fields relative to the driver and vehicle may be provided.

The Logistics Provider then clicks "Accept Terms & Conditions" and then "Submit," and their response is sent back to the Shipper.

The Logistics Provider is provided with an historical view that says when the request was either Accepted or Rejected with the detail and vehicle information.

Key Shipper Benefits

Have a light touch solution to support your automated shipment initiative with an email and a few mouse clicks. The benefit of this is that the Logistics Provider only needs to be able to receive emails to do business with the you, the Shipper.

  • Completely digitize your shipment process
  • Complete integration with your ERP

  • Hazardous Materials information can be linked for each specific line item within the shipment request
  • Eliminate time on expedited shipment tracking and keep production running

Key Logistics Provider Benefits

For your Shippers, QuickLink Email Logistics is transparent, and requires no changes to your processes today. Your Shipper customers that prefer sending their shipments to you by email can continue through QuickLink Email Logistics because they receive back electronic shipment confirmations letting them know that their shipment is accepted with optional specifics about the vehicle and driver details.

• Improve communication with customers

• No IT costs for integration

• No training

• No lost passwords

• Options to other connections when ready

Key Features

Shipper Features

  • Quickly onboards Logistics Providers without impacting IT staffs.
  • Eliminate spending time checking emails as automated shipment confirmations are now integrated into your ERP Solution.
  • Manage the onboarding process using streamline communication

Logistics Provider Features

  • Participate in Shipping customer automation initiatives
  • Browser & responsive Mobile interface
  • Print friendly options
  • Simple and automated Shipment and Logistics Provider confirmation capability

As a Logistics Provider you have alternative ways to join the Elemica Digital Business Network based on your level of business with each Shipping customer you serve and the volume you provide with them. These options enable you to move to advanced connection modes depending on each Shipping customer you serve when you are ready.

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