Elemica Featured in Inbound Logistics Magazine

March 3, 2016 Katie McGinn

Cindi Hane, Elemica's VP of Logistics, Highlighted

Cindi is featured in the latest Inbound Logistics issue magazine Logistics 2016 Planner. Here is an excerpt from the featured article, Transportation 2016 (And Beyond): The Old Rules Don't Apply.

In today's global, highly competitive market, the old rules of transportation no longer apply if you want to remain profitable and competitive. Today, shippers use digital technology like a Supply Chain Operating Network to create bi-directional communications with carriers—increasing efficiency and collaboration and enabling end-to-end visibility. Used effectively throughout the ecosystem, technology improves the entire process, adding value to the carriers and supporting "shipper of choice" initiatives.

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About Inbound Logistics

When Inbound Logistics produced its first issue in 1981, transportation and logistics were back-room silo functions and the term “supply chain” didn’t exist. The ideas we advocated—realigning business by better matching supply to demand, and speeding and reducing inventory—were diametrically opposed to what most were practicing. By staying true to our educational mission and through the efforts of a passionate staff, IL became the informational change agent for reinventing supply chain processes, and a catalyst for this new overall approach to business operations. For more information, visit the website at: http://www.inboundlogistics.com.

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