Elemica Featured in CIO Review Magazine

November 2, 2015 Charity Newsome


John Blyzinskyj, CEO of Elemica, Highlighted

Elemica is proud to be named one of the 20 most promising tech companies by CIO Review magazine. John Blyzinskyj, CEO of Elemica, is featured in an article in the latest edition of the publicationHere is a sample from the article, Enhancing Visibility and Control to Supply Chain Value

John Blyzinskyj, CEO of Elemica is a car enthusiast. According to him, a company is like a well-oiled engine of a car. "And as an engine is under the hood, so is the manual labor of any company," says Blyzinskyj. "What is visible to the customer is the efficiency of the finished product and not the labor spent to achieve it," he adds. Being at the helm of an enterprise that...

To download the PDF, click on the picture. 

Click here to access the full publication. John is featured on page 30.

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