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March 22, 2018 David Cahn

Business Challenge

Collaborative supplier relationships result in an inbound flow of materials and services arriving at the right place at the right time driving the ideal balance of inventory, working capital, and service levels.

  • Are you maximizing working capital while also improving material quality and scheduling?
  • What is the resource cost involved in tracking purchase orders and shipments, keying, and validating transactions?
  • How much time do you spend processing invoices and resolving issues?
  • What would a more accurate delivery forecast mean for your business?
  • What if you could improve quality and security while reducing legal risk?

Business Solution

Elemica Digital Supply Network solutions enable you to leverage the benefits of digital procure-to-pay process automation.

  • Reduced working capital requirements
  • Improved material scheduling
  • Automated goods receipt
  • Increased accounts payable performance through:
    • Reducing invoice errors
    • Capturing early payment discounts

Digitally transforming the way your company does business with others is on the minds of the executive suite these days. As the leading Digital Supply Network for global process manufacturers, our clients create and operate high performance supply chains with solutions at the heart of their business.

Elemica drives bottom line business results by promoting reduced cost of operations, faster process execution, automation of key business processes, removal of transactional barriers, and seamless information flow between your supply chain partners. We transform supply chains by replacing manual and complex approaches with automated and reliable ones. As a result, the Elemica Digital Supply Network orchestrates even the most complex supply chain involving your customers, suppliers, and logistics service providers for complete supply chain execution and visibility.

Purchase Order Management

Elemica’s Purchase Order Management solution reduces the risk of errors with manually entered orders. When a fax, email, paper or phone order is sent, success is assumed until something goes wrong. Consider the amount of time spent on low value add activities including confirming items, shipments, prices, invoice amounts and invoice payments.

Electronically send purchase orders, changes and cancellations, as well as receive order acknowledgements, invoices, and shipping notices with suppliers worldwide in a variety of data standards and languages. Your supplier partners can access the data by online portal or file integration with back office applications and even automated emails.

By connecting and automating the procure to pay cycle with your inbound supply, Elemica provides visibility and exception based insights. These are designed for your procurement and supplier management to highlight product, location, supplier, shipment, and order with by request and promise views.   

Invoice Management

Current invoicing practices have room for improvement. Paper invoices produce extra costs and are error prone. They can also be routed to the wrong person or department, or rejected because of data problems. Automate the account payable process improving efficiency, reducing administrative overhead, and saving money.

With Elemica Invoice Management, your business realizes reduced costs, decreased cycle times, decreased errors. It also keeps you in compliance with government mandates. We eliminate printing, stuffing envelopes, stamping, mailing, receiving, opening envelopes, bar-coding, scanning, manual routing and disposing of paper. Now Elemica QuickLink eMail P2P can eliminate short term issues. 

They are now part of a comprehensive inter-company automation strategy to drive continued improvements over time. Elemica Invoice Management lets you quickly and easily convert from paper to electronic.

Vendor Management Inventory

Managed inventory programs often require planners to analyze order information using web portals and spreadsheets. These manual approaches put inventory policy and working capital at risk and can result in costly inventory inefficiencies. Gain control over the inventory in your supply chain and reduce unplanned events.

Collaboratively manage order replenishment by providing your suppliers the tools and visibility to optimize delivery schedules. Know that the order was accepted for the right quantity and date desired. Buyers want to do VMI because it’s a better way to replenish your inbound supply.  You want to give your suppliers the information they need to determine optimum but your suppliers can’t do VMI because they don’t have a planning system to manage it. Elemica makes it possible.

Options for Supplier

Elemica ensures anyone can participate in your VMI initiative.  If a Buyer wants to implement VMI with their suppliers, Elemica   offers integration using an internal planning engine portal for suppliers to understand VMI signals and determine an optimal replenishment schedule.

Delivery Forecast

Analyzing your demand by manually reviewing delivery forecasts is tedious, costly and error-prone. Now, you can streamline your process by automating order determination and generation with your suppliers. Connect and automate the scheduling agreement process with your inbound supply.

Elemica’s Delivery Forecast solution combines the order with a forecast. Trading partners usually do not have the necessary systems to accept embedded releases with forecast information. To alleviate issues with the complexity of processing, Elemica designed an engine that splits the forecast and the orders within the message. Subsequent orders or changes are validated against existing orders to remove duplicate orders.

Certificate of Analysis

Automate test results for inbound raw materials to ensure quality compliance Elemica’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a manufacturing lot number specific document that is sent by a supplier to convey the characteristics and test results, previously defined between trading partners, indicating the quality of the raw material product.

Elemica transmits and provides business logic on COAs to integrate with ERP applications and download documents via a portal.

Key Benefits


  • Reduced headcount
  • Reduced paper email/faxes
  • Reduced errors
  • Improved contract compliance

Working Capital & Relationships

  • Eliminate late payments and penalties
  • Eliminate supplier invoice inquiries
  • Discount capture


  • Reduce expedited freight because you know every time an order is confirmed to be delivered late or shipped late

Key Features

  • Connect once platform
  • Business reporting
  • Network master data management
  • Business rules
  • Planning Engine
  • Direct ERP, Web portal, email connections
  • VMI enables suppliers to determine optimal replenishment schedule.
  • Provides visibility into future demand
  • Generate orders for customized rules
  • Automate schedule comparison process
  • Provides email alerting using exceptions
  • Portfolio of international and local message standards

Direct Material Expertise

  • Messaging models
  • Application design

Elemica Supplier Management enables you to automate a wide variety of direct material inter-business buying processes without

Elemica Pulse: Visibility solutions for end to end visibility and exception processing. Utilizes Elemica Reality Check, a predictive intelligence and machine learning algorithm for on-time delivery analysis.  Enter any value: PO, Sales Order, Delivery, Invoice Number and view the order.


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