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March 9, 2018 David Cahn

Business Challenge

The challenge organizations face today with supply chain visibility is that the relevant information is outside their enterprise. The information and data resides in the systems of suppliers, logistics service providers, and customers across diverse time zones.

It’s Not Easy Managing the Business Process…

  • Collecting the data across multiple trading partners with disparate systems
  • Correlating the transactions across multiple partners and processes
  • Aggregating and analyzing the information to determine current state
  • Synchronizing and sequencing:
  • Sales Orders and their Confirmations
  • Logistics Booking Requests and their Confirmations
  • Shipment Notices and associated updates
  • Estimated Time of Deliveries with Actual
  • Good Receipts confirmations
  • Invoices payments and freight collections

Solution Overview

Elemica Trace is a solution for real-time shipment visibility for customer service, logistics operations, and supply chain planners to monitor and proactively manage the movement of goods to customers and inbound manufacturing centers.

Elemica Trace uses your shipment data, signals from your carriers, a geo-location interface, and predictive algorithms to identify shipments in trouble.  Trace users log into the solution to see real-time shipment locations, with shipments categorized based on their on-time status.  Users can register to receive alerts when the solution determines the shipments to be Expected Late or Late. 

Elemica Trace is integrated with Elemica’s Pulse solution for order-line visibility.  This means that you can seamlessly navigate between order-level and shipment-level information to monitor your material flow and provide your customers with the most up-to-date information about the arrivals of their materials.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive supply chain monitoring
  • Early detection of issues affecting customer fulfillment & raw material supply
  • Clear visibility outside the 4 walls of the company
  • Lower working capital
  • Reduced stock-outs
  • Faster payments
  • Increased customer service & retention

Key Features

  • Delivery Days from Today” filters the data by looking for shipments with requested delivery date +/- the numbers
  • Shipment search filtering by carrier, origin, destination, product, role, and business unit
  • Elemica Trace provides an intuitive Map visualization that is easy to use and navigate identifying route status and delivery addresses with layers for satellite or traffic incidents
  • Receive shipment status events that the carrier has sent and the latest GPS updates to be best informed on on-time deliveries
  • Get email notifications based on user defined configuration rules

The Elemica Visibility Platform


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