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January 8, 2018 David Cahn


Business Challenge

Gartner estimates bottom line benefits resulting from improving and digitizing Customer Service include:

  • 1 % - 2 % additional Revenue
  • 10 - 15% reduction in Operating Costs
  • 10% - 15% decrease in Inventory

To start with, have you achieved your perfect order goal? In high performance organizations, error-prone manual order entry tasks are removed.

Are you looking to reduce Customer Service Representatives time spent on sales order entry and changes? Instead, have your people focus on high-value activities such as inside sales, forecasting, product selection, technical advice, trouble-shooting, and expediting.

Do you need to improve your On time in Full (OTIF) delivery performance for better customer service?  No matter the metric, it is always about getting the right product at the right time, at the right price to the customer.

Business Solution

Elemica provides solutions to automate the order capture of thousands of your customers. Elemica enables you to replace costly manual order capture approaches with innovative automated capabilities and systems that streamline the customer order to cash process. We recognize that your customers inherently have variation in their business processes and information technologies. We remove the challenges of this variability and enable error-free automation of customers with virtually no change in their behavior. We understand your supply chain operates outside of your organization. As a result, the Elemica Business Network orchestrates even the most complex supply chain involving multiple customers, suppliers, and logistics for complete supply chain execution and visibility.

Sales Order Management

Today, customers can place their orders across multiple channels into your organization. Depending on the volume of orders and method of their choosing, Elemica has an onboarding approach to cost effectively and efficiently connect them to the network.

Elemica provides solutions to automate thousands of your customers. They inherently have variation in their business processes and information technologies. We remove the challenges of this variability and enable error-free automation of customers with virtually no change in their behavior.

Our customers have dramatically improved their data quality and replaced manual approaches with automated order management capabilities. They enjoy accurate and efficient order management driving their customer loyalty and profitability. They have recognized that error-prone manual order processing decreases customer satisfaction and increases operational costs. 

Additionally, Elemica provides visibility and exception based insights designed for customer service and customer service management to highlight via product, location, customer, order with by request and promise views.  


QuickLink ERP

For your most frequent and valued customers, QuickLink ERP tightly integrates your customers’ ERP solution to yours. Providing total visibility for Demand, Orders, Changes, Confirmations, Advance Shipping Notices, and Invoice documents. Elemica then loads your customer ERP orders to your ERP through HTTPS, AS2, EDI, XML, IDOC, FlatFile, PDF, XLS, or other industry-specific message variants. 

Once orders are integrated with Elemica via Sales Order Management you can layer on
other applications within the Customer Management solution set or optional Elemica Logistics and Elemica Supplier Management offerings.

QuickLink Email O2C

For your other customers, QuickLink Email O2C is transparent, and they do not have to change their process at all. In fact, customers can simply send their orders to you through QuickLink Email O2C. They still receive back electronic order confirmations letting them know that the order was accepted for the right quantity and date desired.

Getting started is easy! Customer automation is fast. Thousands of customers currently sending orders via Email can be automated quickly without impacting your IT staff, or theirs. Elemica integrates these customers without requiring them to have integration software or other sophisticated technological capabilities. With Elemica QuickLink Email O2C orders sent via Email or fax are transformed into electronic formats and data values that your ERP understands. Think about it like this: emailed orders show up almost magically in your ERP system as new sales orders, with no manual keying-in of the order. Business as usual.

Key Benefits

Elemica’s Customer Management Suite benefits:

  • No impact to customers
  • Touch-less order processing
  • Improved day to day supply chain service & reliability
  • Increase the “perfect order” percentage
  • Lower the cost of errors
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced invoice processing errors
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Fewer missed or lost order lines
  • Increased ability to balance demand with constrained supply
  • Fewer customer stock out situations
  • Increased technical and operational flexibility
  • Improves receivables performance, pricing accuracy and contract compliance
  • Eliminates customer service, credit, and inventory problems due to poor ERP data quality​​

Key Features

  • Error-free order entry
  • Connect in your language
  • Global capabilities
  • Converts different order formats automatically and posts to your ERP
  • Supports customer technology and cost reduction initiatives without large IT spend
  • Email alerts based on business rule exceptions
  • Supports all order types including standard, consignments, forecasting and change-orders
  • 24 x 7 x 365 processing
  • Automatic Confirmation
  • Auditability via a dashboard application

Elemica Customer Management enables you to automate a wide variety of customer fulfillment requirements without modifying your ERP system. Optional Elemica Customer Management add-on applications include:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): Maintains tank or warehouse levels based on your supply strategy and inventory readings, demand forecasts, and in-transit status. Optimize working capital with increased service levels using demand, inventories, and status. 
  • Delivery Schedule: Evaluate customer manufacturing and shipping schedules to generate orders and changes.
  • Invoice and Compliance Basic: Improve cash flow while supporting country specific legal signature requirements.
  • Invoice and Compliance Gold: includes e-signature and Archiving: Authenticity of invoice for buyer and seller guaranteed via a digital signature. Readability and authenticity preserved for storage duration and available to tax auditor on demand
  • Elemica Pulse: Visibility solutions for end to end visibility and exception processing. Utilizes Elemica Reality Check, a predictive intelligence and machine learning algorithm for on-time delivery analysis.  Enter any value: PO, Sales Order, Delivery, Invoice Number and view the order.

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