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October 11, 2016

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From the Elemica team comes an insight filled reality web series where you can ride along. “Elemicans in Cars Talkin’ Supply Chain” features technology innovators, thought leaders and change agents sharing their big ideas and what they did to make their dreams a reality. Some conversations will challenge your thinking, others will validate your path and some might just send you over the edge. By listening in, you will hear ideas you can use to improve your business.

Check out the most recent episode below!

Season 3, Episode 4 - "Innovating Above the Fray"

Lora Cecere, Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Insights, LLC joins Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing to grab a coffee in Atlanta, GA. Lora shares her insights on embracing disruption in the supply chain. She counsels listeners that traditional best practice techniques are not a recipe for instant success and provides her five “ah ha's” to making process innovation happen.


Previous Episodes

Season 3, Episode 3 - "Leading a Sourcing Transformation"





Kay Schubert, Director of Procurement NA – Purchasing at Tarkett joins Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing to get a coffee in downtown Chagrin Falls, OH. Kay shares her approaches to category management, sourcing events and the journey to creating best practices. On their way, she talks about the future of the procurement functions and the alignment of philosophies for both internal and external stakeholders.

Season 3, Episode 2 - "Aiming for Insights in a Market of Moving Targets"





Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM and Talking Logistics, and Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing grab a big breakfast and coffee in Newton, MA after Adrian completes his daily cycling miles prepping for a JDRF cure for Type 1 Diabetes ride in Death Valley, CA. Adrian talks about how the future of Supply Chain includes end-to-end visibility, Supply Chain Operating Networks, and predictive analytics. 

Season 3, Episode 1 - "21st Century Leader or 20th Century Manager?"





Art van Bodegraven, President of van Bodegraven Associates and blogger at DC Velocity, and Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing grab a coffee and take a tour of Columbus, OH in a “Cali-Floridian” style Flex. Art provides insights into the qualities of much needed leadership in Supply Chain, while including additional discussions on the great need for talent, emerging technologies, and other disruptive innovations.  

Season 3 - Teaser





‘Elemicans in Cars’ is evolving, mixing it up for Season 3 - instead of two Elemicans, now an Elemican is joined by anon-Elemican. This brings in a fantastic outside-in perspective! Stars in the Supply Chain arena like Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, and Adrian Gonzalez, President at Adelante SCM and Host of Talking Logistics, are just a couple of the great guests who jumped at the chance to be on the show this season.


Season 2

Season 2, Episode 6 - "Examining a Cloud-Based Infrastructure"





In a surprising turn of events, Ed Rusch is nowhere to be found. Sloan Thompson, DevOps Team Lead, finds himself on an authentic Mexican food outing with Arun Samuga, VP of R&D, instead of Ed. The conversation delves deep into the vast ecosystem that is Cloud technologies. What is Cloud? How is the industry reacting to it? Additionally, sharing of infrastructure and the security of such environments is discussed. For this season finale, one question remains... Will Ed return?

Season 2, Episode 5 - "Rethinking Preconceived Notions"





Adrian Joyner, Professional Services Project Manager, is invited by Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing, to catch up on the open road. In this episode, Adrian discusses his direct-to-customer experience in the marketplace and how large companies change direction – and not necessarily the way you'd expect. This and much more are all discussed in this "sweet-treat" of an episode.

Season 2, Episode 4 - "Creating a Knock-Your-Socks-Off Network"





Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing, invites Jerry Turner, Key Accounts director, for a fast and fun adventure – as far as coffee runs go. Elemica’s level of experience and “knock-your-socks-off” client-base is discussed. Furthermore, Jerry shares some fun facts about Greater Philadelphia’s lesser-known town of Phoenixville and what history lies within it’s historic Colonial Theater.

Season 2, Episode 3 - "Informing Decisions in the Supply Chain"





Steve Daigle, Solution Architect and Program Manager, is invited by Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing, for a quick lunch outing. In this episode, Steve compares vehicle operability expectations with certain elements of the Supply Chain – some things should just work. This and much more are all discussed in this trip to devour a truly authentic, "Boston-inspired" Philly Cheese Steak.

Season 2, Episode 2 - "Synchronizing Supply Chain Processes"





Sue Leighton, Director of Professional Services for North Americas Functional Delivery invites Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing for an afternoon treat run to a local bakery in her minivan. Drawing parallels about the ease and efficiency of the minivan and technology innovation at Elemica, Sue shares with Ed on how her team achieves harmony between trading partners using disparate systems. Keeping projects running smoothly, insuring the processes are repeatable and scalable, and capturing data to realize value soon are all shared.

Season 2, Episode 1 - "The Complexity of Sourcing and Optimization"





Kris Beck, VP of Sourcing Product Management, invites Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing, to tag along for a quick, supply-chain inspired coffee run. The next level of business through the rise of transportation logistics and direct materials is discussed. Key components and thought processes of our new solutions, the growing relationship of sourcing services and digital commerce within the Supply Chain, and how next-level integration best benefits the customer are all shared in this episode.


Season 1

Season 1 - Outtake Reel





Over the course of filming six episodes of "Elemicans in Cars," you'll find that there is a lot more to the show than meets the eye. Check out this mix of behind-the-scenes footage that is sure to turn any frown upside-down!      

Season 1, Episode 6 – “The Pinnacle of Customer Expectations”





Antonio Salazar Cardozo, Senior UI Developer invites Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing for a lunch run to grab a hamburger in his design-forward Acura. Illustrating the similarities of auto design principles and software user-interface, Antonio and Ed talk about creating an environment that meets the expected business value using trust. They pinpoint customer experience as the nexus of brand, usage, and technology and what that means for the supply chain. Achieving harmony between artist and engineer, surprising results from feedback loops, and what's on the horizon for the development team are all shared in this episode.

Season 1, Episode 5 – “The Supply Chain Vantage Point”





Chris Cameron, Director of Business Process Services is invited by Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing to a Texas inspired lunch in Chris’ rental SUV. Comparing the trade-offs between efficiency and effectiveness of a large vehicle, Chris and Ed share their thoughts on the balance between ‘not serving customers well’ and ‘too much waste’ in the supply chain. As these trade-offs are evaluated and weighed, visibility and flexibility are identified as critical components to achieving supply chain excellence. The power of a supply chain network and understanding the impact of the product lifecycle are shared as examples that resolve the tension between old technology and the visibility needed for companies to get themselves unstuck and create a real competitive advantage.

Season 1, Episode 4 – “Be Easy to Do Business With"





Gary Neights, Director of Product Management, invites Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing, for a quick lunch run to an iconic Atlanta brand in his rental Nissan Sentra. Comparing the upgrade practices of car rental companies with customer service best practices in the process industry Supply Chain, Gary and Ed discuss how companies will use analytics to create differentiated customer experiences to gain a competitive advantage. The value of using a platform built to deliver forward looking business needs, extending your ERP, and using predictive and prescriptive analytics to better respond to market demands are all included in this episode. And as Gary and Ed come to discover, who knew that the drive-through and a sandwich bun would serve as a representative example of predictive analytics in action?

Season 1, Episode 3 – “Leaping out from Complexity”





Cindi Hane, VP of Product Management is invited by Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing, for an afternoon beverage run in her new Toyota hybrid. Drawing conclusions about purchasing behavior for both car buying and supply chain solutions, Cindi and Ed share their insights on getting people out of their Supply Chain comfort zone and challenge the status quo. They discuss how the combination of logistics visibility and big data allow for proactive decision making opportunities while also enabling inventory reduction in order to gain working capital benefits. Inbound and outbound case study examples along with a “What’s Next?” for Elemica’s Logistics applications are also included in their discussion.

Season 1, Episode 2 – “Responding to an Infinite Variety"





Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing, invites Paul Dale, Principal Technology Architect at Elemica, for lunch in an “orphaned brand” convertible. Contrasting an outdated Saab 9-3 with today’s modern approach to product development, Paul shares his thoughts with Ed on building innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions that meet individual companies where they are at and where they want to go. Significantly impacting global efficiencies, improving people’s work life, and building a solid foundation for bigger and better things are all shared.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Seeing Simply Across a Complex Landscape"





Arun Samuga, VP of Research and Development, invites Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing, for a coffee run in his new Nissan Leaf. Drawing parallels between the product design of the Leaf and technology innovation in Supply Chain, Arun and Ed share their thoughts on creating powerful solutions flexible enough to handle the complex and highly varied requirements across trading partners. The value of collaborating with a critical mass partners, gaining clear visibility into complex business processes, creating “The Network Effect”, and failed attempts to build from a standard are all shared.


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