Elemica Featured in Inbound Logistics Magazine

October 8, 2015 Charity Newsome

Article by Ed Rusch Highlighted

Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing at Elemica, is featured in the latest edition of Inbound Logistics Magazine. Here is a sample from the featured article, Using Analytics to Differentiate Your Customer Service:

Differentiated service is about making your company easier to do business with, anticipating the needs of your customers, and having products available when needed.

For example, when I travel last minute, I expect my preferred rental car provider to have a vehicle available for me when I arrive. I don’t think about their current demand, nor do I think about the individual profiles of other renters. As a good customer, I simply desire that they have a car available. Not having a car available because they lacked the proper insight into my demand means they lost an opportunity.

Click here to access the full publication. Ed's article can be found on page 34.

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