The Blue Crew Ep. 1 - “Suppliers with Differentiated Capabilities”

August 19, 2014

Gary Neights, Director of Product Management, presents evolving best practices being used to create differentiated capabilities by customer service and sales organizations in the process industries. Gaining real-time visibility into demand, leveraging solutions to deliver “perfect orders”, and having actionable information that aids keen decision making are all key. Learn why a powerful B2B Network platform, along with business process enablement apps and actionable analytics, is the recipe to ensure success. The challenge of integrating a critical mass of trading partners, and next generation “come as you are” technologies to overcome those challenges today, are shared.

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Gene Joswick  “A B2B Journey”
Gene Joswick “A B2B Journey”

Presentation from Elemica's inSIGHT 2013 Conference

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