Two Elves Behind the Scenes This Holiday Season

December 20, 2017 David Cahn

The magic of the holidays is upon us as we frantically search both in-store and online to find the “perfect” gift for our loved ones.  We wrap these gifts with care and anxiously await the fruits of our omni-channel buying experience – that smile or the sounds of pure excitement. While we pat ourselves on the back for finding that perfect gift, we can’t forget two magical elves behind almost all the presents - the chemical industry and the supply chain business network of Elemica.

These two elves together enrich our lives daily - especially under the holiday tree. In fact, for those that have artificial trees, the trees themselves are courtesy of the specialty chemical industry and plastics industry segments.  But I digress.

As my grandson unwraps his present revealing a new football and jersey of his favorite team, the chemical industry was behind the coatings and dyes of the leather and of the jersey itself. The hottest football to get this year is the football with plays on it.  I have realized, it’s is also one of the hardest to find.  Tracking and tracing that football and calling the plays behind the scenes in the supply chain is Elemica. Providing the order-to-cash, the logistics and the procure-to-pay capabilities among the trading partners to get that football under the tree is what Elemica does. Elemica does not make the football better or make my grandson play like the next Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons. What Elemica does is make the chemical companies behind the football better.

As my oldest daughter will unwrap sportswear this year and put on her new athletic shoes after having her holiday first baby, I am once again reminded that the chemical industry and Elemica are behind her present. The chemical industry can impact the coating, dye and technical features that help her gear look/feel good and perform. The rubber industry has direct impact on the tread her shoe’s will require to complete her workouts. Getting the present under her tree and into her closet come from the logistics capabilities of the supply chain network of Elemica. What Elemica does is make the chemical coatings, dyes and rubber companies behind the sportswear better.

I suppose each holiday season is a little different for me. Sometimes I am in the holiday spirit a little more than other years. This year was a little hard so I have gone out of my way to grasp on to the holiday cheer including purchasing a “balsam fir” candle. The fragrance from the candle is another chemical industry whose supply chain is managed by Elemica. Tonight, is an annual event called the “Cantus Christmas” where I live. It is a performance of the local city orchestra and choir singing the magic of Christmas. It takes place in a renovated theatre and concert hall.

I realize now that the two elves are present even at the concert hall. The musical instruments and strings themselves have special coatings and varnishes and paints on them to bring out exactly the right pitch and timbre of their instruments. Getting the instrument into the musicians’ hands is one thing and it is Elemica that brings the orchestration of it all to light by correlating the chemical industry specific messages and processes. What Elemica does is integrate the specialty chemical companies behind the music for us all to enjoy.

Later in the celebration day most of us will hopefully be surrounded by friends and family at the dinner table. We will say thanks for the food we are about to receive and the friends and family we are sharing it with. The elves have a say in this as well. The plentiful and nourishing food provided by local farmers is assisted by the agri-sciences industry, which helps farmers know when to harvest and yield the greatest produce from their lands. Getting those products delivered from the farm to the haute cuisine nourishment of your table requires the compliance and special handling expertise of the business supply chain network of Elemica.  What Elemica does is make the chemical agri-science companies behind our nourishment better.

There are many other presents under the tree. Personally, to ensure my list was received, I sent it through the Elemica Customer Management solution directly to Santa’s workshop.  At the top of my list was new ski boots now that the season is here and the winter Olympics just a couple months away. That will have to be another story as I do not want to peek at my present….yet!

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