Supply Chain 2030

October 12, 2017 David Cahn

On October 20th, Elemica, BASF and Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights will deliver “Get a Pulse on the Supply Chain” in a free webinar at 10:00 AM EST. Click here to register.

Recently, Lora presented Supply Chain 2030 at an industry conference, where she provided insights on why she believes most organization fail to deliver supply chain excellence at the balance sheet level. She says that current technologies are rapidly being replaced with other technologies due to “market demands to do more with less and make better decisions.”

These technologies include:

  • Sensors coupled with data from the Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
  • Analytics (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing)
  • Open Source Technologies (examples include Hadoop, Spark, Kafka).
  • 3D Printing
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Wearables

Supply chains of the past were built on advanced planning and ERP systems, but these solutions can’t keep up with the digital transformation needed for supply chain excellence.

Per Lora, “The digital supply chain is the future engine of growth through the delivery of:

  • Market sensing. Test-and-learn capabilities to understand customer preferences in vitro.
  • Building new business models based on platforms of delivery to deliver solutions (products coupled with services).
  • Localized manufacturing.
  • Shipment and manufacturing of the unit of one.
  • Transformation of supply chain finance.
  • Listening and improving the customer response.”

The supply chain of 2030 is globally focused, with visibility from end-to-end (or raw material sourcing to delivery to the end customer). It is designed from the outside in: from customer to enterprise and across value networks. In next-generation supply chains, commerce is digitized and flows across buyers, supplier and logistics providers to enable future-looking capabilities to meet customer demands.

Elemica’s Business Network is designed to function from the outside-in with the ability to easily respond to a change in demand. An outside-in approach emphasizes sensing, shaping, and driving intelligent, fast responses. Elemica’s network is designed to easily on-board trading partners because the more participants on the network, the more information can be shared, and more intelligence decisions can be made.

Getting a pulse on the supply chain requires visibility from end-to-end across suppliers to customer so that companies will know what is happening throughout their supply chain. Without this “pulse,” businesses can lose revenues and have unhappy customers.

Tune into the October 20th webinar to learn how to get a pulse…on your supply chain.

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