Our 10 Most Read Supply Chain Posts in 2015

December 28, 2015 Ed Rusch

There's Power in Words. We Can Prove It!

Information is everywhere. Accessing useful and valuable content online is easy, and often the first several steps in a buyer’s journey.  According to Corporate Executive Board’s Sales Leadership Council, today's buyers are typically 57% of the way through their buying process before they desire to contact the sales departments of potential solution providers.

As such, nearly all B2B companies are deploying a content marketing strategy to engage the market, and more importantly, help facilitate the buyer’s journey. 

But with so much content being produced, distributed and shared, how do we make our efforts stand out? As content producers at Elemica, my team works hard to; tell (not sell) a compelling story, use a well balanced mix (Emails, blogs, webinars, videos, etc.), produce high quality in-person events, and more. 

Insights, Not Hunches

The effectiveness of our content is measured against our team’s goals. This enables a data-driven decision making mindset and facilitates continuous improvement. Our goal is to remove random acts of marketing and engage with inspirational content leaving everyone wanting more.

Top Performers

In a previous post, I shared 10 top performing videos in 2015.  And with a similar year-in-review lens, here are 10 most read posts at Elemica in 2015:

Flipbook: The Power of the Network

Blog: Illuminate the Meaning behind the Data

Research: Building Effective Business Networks

Article: The Economist - Collaborating with Suppliers…

Press: Elemica Breaks Into Software Magazine’s Annual Software 500 Ranking

Article: CIO Review – 20 Most Promising Tech Companies

Event: Lessons Learned from Elemica’s European Supply Chain Conference 

Event: Lessons Learned from Elemica’s North American Supply Chain Conference

Article: Logistics Tech Outlook – Visibility and Transportation Management

Article: Inbound Logistics – Using Analytics to Differentiate your Customer Service 


Thanks to all – Supply Chain Analysts, Thought Leaders, Partners, Elemicans and more - who have made valuable content creation contributions, advancing the supply chain story.

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