New Rules of Logistics and Transportation

May 31, 2016 Ed Rusch

Supply Chains Dramatically Impacted by Rapid Changes

As Logistics professionals face increasing demands and significant evolution in their markets, leaders will embrace the new rules of transportation for success.  The new rules will shatter the status quo. And those who think the status quo will carry them for another ten years will find their competitive edge lost. 

Key questions logistics professionals should be asking themselves are:

  • Are we still in an era of continuous improvement?
  • Is it really all about volume?
  • Is reducing spend the prime goal when bidding out freight?
  • Will my core carrier strategy continue to meet my needs and handle my growth?
  • Is the freight transport market mature and slowly evolving?

The following Infographic attempts to answer these questions while proposing five new rules of logistics and transportation every leader should consider.


If you liked this post, you may like my blog series "Five Rules of Transportation that No Longer Apply" which takes a deeper dive into each of the questions above.

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