Get the Big Picture and Get Out of the Dark

July 19, 2017 Blake Schnorf

As supply chains continue to grow, diversify and become increasingly global; total insight, oversight and foresight will become increasingly critical.  According to the GEODIS 2017 Supply Chain Worldwide Survey, a company’s objective of achieving supply chain visibility has moved up from the #6 primary objective in 2015 to #3 primary objective in 2017. With end-to-end visibility (E2EV), companies are able to sense and respond to demand, helping them improve inventory turns, fulfillment processes and customer satisfaction. E2EV, coupled with advanced analytics, allows you to not only sense information, but analyze it and take appropriate action across the extended enterprise.

Participating in a robust supply chain operating network is key to achieving E2EV.  To get the big picture of your supply chain, companies must synchronize end-to-end activities, from raw materials to delivery of the end customer. A supply chain operating network allows collaboration and communication between internal and external trading partners, and gives visibility to activities up and down the supply chain. The better your network, the more accurate your vision across your different business processes will be. 

What can E2EV provide for you?  A best-in-class network must be able to link disparate business signals from multiple sources, providing a centralized view of your supply chain.

An E2EV platform detects the early warning signs of supply disruptions. As an example – let’s say we have a carrier that fails to respond to a shipment request due to a price discrepancy.  The shipment would be delayed until manual action was taken – sometimes days later – and ultimately the materials have an increased chance of arriving late.  With E2EV, this unconfirmed shipment risk would be detected early, giving you the time needed to address the issue before it turns into a more serious supply disruption.  

As an E2EV solution matures, searching naturally evolves into alerting.  Proactive notifications for missing business signals (e.g. no response to shipment request within 24 hours) drive higher interaction and lower response times for the times where it’s needed most: exceptions.

Achieving supply chain visibility means never having to wonder where your products are during transit.  All trading partners within a connected supply chain network have visibility to all activities involved in each specific transaction.  Elemica offers a variety of ways to expand your network, to provide better vision across your partners and processes, and help you answer the important questions.

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