Elemica and SAP HANA are Best Friends

December 5, 2018 David Cahn

This is the stuff that storybooks are made of. Well supply chain storybooks anyway.  A tale of the possibilities when two solutions join in a symbiotic relationship to help enterprises become the powerhouses they are destined to be.

The first is SAP HANA.  It seems everyone and their brothers are either upgrading or implementing SAP HANA these days. This decision makes sense for many good reasons as organizations can quickly take advantage of the HANA transaction engine for their ERP applications.

Additionally, HANA and its reporting tools can become the foundation for building a Supply Chain Control Tower application that ultimately increases visibility, reduce safety buffers and mitigates supply chain disruptions. It goes without question, (except from a California headquartered database company), that an in-memory database can run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions in a fraction of a second. To do this, the SAP HANA platform uses an in-memory database that eliminates predefined aggregates, materialized views, and data duplication between operational and decision support systems.  Using HANA for SAP ERP and analytics going forward, users can take advantage of SAP’s platform and a dramatically simplified data model.

However, there are capabilities for the visualization requirements for that Control Tower with external logistics providers, customers, and supplier data that still needs an external technology partner. What HANA is not is a Digital Supply Network platform.

Meet HANA’s friend Elemica.  Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network partner for the SAP ecosystem and has been for 20 years now with the largest global process industry organizations. Elemica has been connecting and integrating the supply chains of its clients for the products they are buying, selling, and moving throughout their supply chains. This means connecting not only client buyer with the thousands of suppliers for direct materials, like Ariba mastered for indirect, but also with the thousands of logistics service providers and the thousands of customers needed to support and manage the complete balance of demand and supply. These connections can also come from GPS, IoT devices, or other inter-business networks including blockchain.

Elemica cleanses this supply chain data from a Master Data Management perspective from the thousands of different trading partners into a digital supply network. The secret sauce of the platform then links these transactional objects in a manner that enables proper sequencing using machine learning and algorithms to tie customer orders to purchase orders, to shipping requests and booking orders and then GPS signals or IoT devices for track, trace and risk mitigation strategies.

The potential “powerhouse effect” comes from both solutions working together.  HANA and the reporting tools can be used to build the supply chain Control Tower. Business users will have real time visibility into inventory metrics such as slow-moving items, supplier lead times, and production patterns making it easier for them to make decisions that can increase inventory turnover and reduce revenue loss due to stock outs. Elemica is the digital supply chain platform that feeds SAP S/4HANA with native integrations into the SAP environment, or even the Ariba network, eliminating the need for mapping middleware. This dramatically shortens latency and supply chain lead times. 

Together it is a storybook friendship for Digital Transformation success. At Elemica, supply chain transformation begins with connecting trading partners in any way that makes business sense to all partners efficiently, cost effectively, and quickly. Only then can one start to automate the sell, move, and buy side of the inter-business processes by blueprinting. Once automated, anticipation and transformation of new business models that fuel growth and efficiencies can take place.

Come see what Elemica and SAP HANA can do for your supply chain.

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