Adrian Gonzalez, Supply Chain Industry Analyst, Writes in Talking Logistics on October 6:

October 6, 2017 Katie McGinn

Adrian Gonzalez, a leading industry analyst in transportation management, logistics outsourcing, global trade management, social media, and other supply chain and logistics topics commented on Elemica's announcement of partnership with DHL Resilience360 in his Talking Logistics "Week in Logistics News"  Below is an excerpt:

Elemica announced that it has partnered with DHL Resilience360, a leading cloud-based supply chain risk management platform, “to build a new solution providing unprecedented insight into risk events and their impact on increasingly complex supply chains.” Here are some excerpts from the press release:

Early notice of disruptive events saves days of assessment in implementing mitigation strategies, providing customers a substantial competitive advantage in the speed and cost required to tactically address these incidents. Elemica’s Risk Solution will apply DHL Resilience360’s comprehensive Risk Management capability, correlating incidents with the customer’s network assets, orders and shipments to detect and understand the impact of disruptive events.

DHL Resilience360 tracks multiple categories of risk events across the globe. The addition of DHL Resillience360 partnership with Elemica provides new layers of insight for Elemica customers, allowing them to discern which orders and products are impacted by location, what alternative shipping methods exist and the economic impact if orders are delayed.

The integration of supply chain visibility solutions with real-time risk event data is a growing trend in the industry. The value proposition is clear: supply chain disruptions are costly, so if you’re able to detect a potential disruption ahead of time (due to weather, labor strike, supplier bankruptcy, and many other factors), then you’re better able to take proactive action to either prevent a disruption or minimize its impact and duration. We’re not there yet, but the ultimate goal is to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict disruptions and prescribe (and even automate) corrective actions. A prerequisite, however, is that you’ve taken the time and effort to map your supply chain.

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