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July 10, 2017 Isida Mullai

Supply Chain Operating Networks Accelerate Profitable Growth

Cindi Hane, VP, Logistics Product Management, Featured

All companies look to  product innovation to provide a catalyst for growth but the most innovative ones are also leveraging their supply chains to create unique customer experiences and capacity for profitable growth.  Cindi Hane describes how businesses can use a supply chain operating network to improve their resilience and agility to compete more effectively and grow their bottom line profits. 

A supply chain operating network (SCON) is a business-to-business (B2B) platform that facilitates the communication and operations between your company and all of its trading partners. Features include a touchless order process, collaboration among trading partners, management-by-exception alerting, and process visibility and data visualization.

A SCON has four components:

  • B2B integration to automate supply chain transactions, such as purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, invoices and shipments
  • Process automation and collaboration, which enables trading partners to operate efficiently on the transactions they share
  • Visibility and analytics, which, when coupled with the B2B integration network, allow real-time data feeding proactive alerts and performance management features
  • A partner community by way of the ecosystem—members benefit from the network effect, evident in partner discovery and onboarding efficiencies;  network content provides for advanced analytics

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